Maintenance of Street Sweeper

1. In order to avoid error in operation, street sweeper usually has a main control valve driven by the chassis and a secondary control valve driven by the auxiliary engine of the dedicated device. DCD (Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel), Jiangling and Commins are common engine brands for the auxiliary engine of street sweeper. The main control valve is used to control the inclination of the vehicle body and the hydraulic switches on the back door of the vehicle body. The secondary control valve is used to control the application of the four sweeping brushes and the suction device. The secondary control valve allows the operator to use the brushes on only one side or both side of the street sweeper.
2. The secondary engines produced by different companies differ in power. Generally, the revolving speed of the engine is 1500-1800rpm.
3. Customers can choose to equip the street sweeper with a water spraying device used for dust reducing. Generally, our street sweeper is equipped with a rear mounted water spraying system. Remember to take the water tank volume into consideration when choosing a street sweeper. Street sweepers differ in water tank volume may differ in operating time.
4. Overflow valve is generally used to control the pressure of the multiple directional solenoid valves. The operator can control the revolving speed of the sweeping brushes by adjusting the valve pressure.
5. The sweeping brushes on the two side of the street sweeper can work separately or work together according to the practical need. When cleaning the corner of a street, the operator just need to start the sweeping brushes which are close to the street corner.
6. Dust may be accumulated in the garbage bin of the street sweeper. Thus the garbage bin needs to be regularly cleaned manually.
7. The distance between the suction device and the ground needs to be regularly adjusted.
8. The suction pipe may be contaminated by mud or dust. It needs to be cleaned regularly to keep working well.
9. When replacing the electric components of the control box, you had better dismantle and install components one by one.
10. The operators should often check if all the parts of the street sweeper are in good condition regularly.
11. Impurity in the hydraulic oil may cause the electric solenoid control valve working abnormally. Thus the operators should regularly check if the hydraulic oil is in good condition.
12. Regularly check if the caging device for the electric pushrod of the clutch of the auxiliary engine is in good condition.
13.  When switching the control button, a 5s interval is needed between one switching and the next.
14. If some hydraulic component does not work, please firstly check the oil circuit and then check the electric circuit.
  (1) Failure of the oil circuit: The oil pump breaks down; the oil pipe is broken; joints of the oil circuit fall off causing oil leaking; solenoid valve is broken.
  (2) Failure of the electric circuit: the fuse or the solenoid valve is broken; the wires are loose or broken.