Maintenance of Street Washer

When drawing water from river or pool, the end of the suction hose shall be fully immersed into water. To avoid large amount of sand, stone, or other sundry being sucked in, generally, there is a filter designed at the end of the suction hose. It is not allowed to dismantle the filter when drawing water. For shallow water, a pit shall be dug first to prevent the sundries or air being sucked.
Water Feed
For centrifugal pump, a certain amount of water shall be fed into the pump before drawing water every time. When water feed is finished, the water inlet must be closed. While, for self-priming pump, water feed shall be conducted only for the first-time using.
Vacuum Intake Pipe
The intake pipe system shall be fully sealed to provide vacuum environment for drawing water. No damage shall be found on the flexible hose and no crack is allowed for the hard pipe. Otherwise, the air leakage caused will lead to the failure in sucking water.
Gear Changing
 Before drawing water or cleaning, the gear changing of power takeoff shall be conducted when the street washer is stopped.
Water Release in Winter
In northern China, street cleaning is generally terminated due to the harsh weather conditions in winter. So, before winter is coming, water in the pump and the pipe shall be fully released to avoid frost crack.
Periodical Sewage Discharge
There is a blow-off pipe designed for the water storage tank of street washer. The inlet of the pipe is located at the lowest point of the water tank. Periodically open the cap of the blow-off pipe to have the sundries discharged and close it until the water flowing out becomes clear.
Cleaning shall be conducted under the circumstance that the surface temperature of the car body is no more than 60℃ and the ambient temperature is between 0℃ to 40℃. Cleaning shall be started from the car roof to the two sides with the water gun 15cm away from the surface of the street washer. When washing the mesh at the front of the vehicle, water sprayed shall be in the state of fog. It is forbidden to clean the cooling fin of the water tank and the condenser with spout directly. If there is a plastic wheel arch installed, the wheel arch shall be dismantled for cleaning. Additionally, the inner side of the mudapron and the wing shall be cleaned completely.
1. The sand and the mud on the surface of the street washer shall be washed off with high-pressure water gun from the top down. The rear and the underbody of the product shall be washed in sequence, as well. Dirt on the chassis needs to be completely washed off. Special attention shall be paid to the edge, bending part and mudapron. The sand, mud and dirt on wheels, brake disc, wing, front mesh, interior frame of the door and the side skirt shall be completely washed off.
2. Then, the cleaning agent shall be used for further washing. There are two methods to splash the cleaning agent on the car body. One is to utilize the multi-function high-pressure car washer to generate foam. The sprayer shall be vibrated up and down in a regular way, which is conducive to the uniform distribution of the cleaning agent. The other way is to prepare the cleaning agent manually in appropriate proportion. It is not allowed to use washing powder, suds and dewaxing detergent for cleaning.
3. Wiping of the street washer shall be made with car sponge and cleaning agent. Stubborn stain shall be wiped repeatedly until it is fully removed. The wiping of the upside and underside of the street washer shall be conducted with separate pieces of sponge to prevent the painting from being scratched by the sand in the sponge. When all the stain is removed, please carefully wash off the residue with high-pressure water. Pay close attention to the residue in the seam and corner.
4. If there is stubborn stain on car body, further cleaning shall be carried out with a dust-free cotton cloth. Dipping the cotton into all-purpose cleaner, then wring the cotton cloth and wipe the car body in longitudinal direction.
Finally, the car body shall be completely washed with clean water. Then use synthetic chamois towel to wipe the street washer until no water stain can be observed on the glass and the car body.