CHD5021TSL Compact Road Sweeper ( Diesel engine )


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CHD5021TSL street sweeper machine is a small size sweeping and sucking street sweeping vehicle which is designed with dedicate integrated chassis, it has elegant appearance and is easy to operate. The technical performance is in the leading place among similar products. CHD5021TSL street sweeper machine is totally powered by PERKINS diesel engine and all operations of this machine are driven by hydraulic transmission.
There are two sweeping brushed are respectively installed on the two sides in the front of the part of the machine where the cabin is located. The suction port is located in the central part at the bottom of the cabin. The operator can easily operate this road sweeping machine with a clear visual field. With reverse air circulation suction system which allows the air system to be exhausted through the bag filter, this sweeper machine prevents dust from flying during the sweeping.
Main features:
1. With a 240L standard garbage bin which is easy to be replaced, it is convenient for the operator to dump the garbage and clean the machine. The garbage dumping device has got the national patent of China.
2. With a unique patented bidirectional hinging structure, the front and rear frames of the machine can twist and turn freely. With short turning radius, it can easily turn to different directions so as to clean the narrow space and corners. Two elastic shock absorption components are installed to make the machine be able to work on rugged roads.
3. Equipped with 140L water tank and an electric micro diaphragm pump. Turning on the water pump, water will be sprayed out through the nozzle on the sweeping brushed. The operator can reduce the flying dust in the air according to he practical situation with water spray system when sweeping road.
4. Running system is designed with hydrostatic continuously variable transmission system. It is driven by a bidirectional stepless variable pump and a hub motor. The turning system is controlled by a micro fully hydraulic steering gear. Thus the whole machine is easy to operate.
5. Equipped with separate cooling air conditioning device and heating device in the cabin to make comfortable working environment for the operator. Air conditioning device is located at the top of cabin to offer cool air overhead, while the heating device is located at eh bottom of the cabin to offer hot air underfoot. No matter in the summer or in winter, the cabin is comfortable.
Equipped with a color liquid crystal display monitor which allows users to know the condition behind the machine. 

3250X1130X2130 mm
PERKINS diesel engine
18.1 kw
1800 kg
Kerb mass
1400 kg
Garbage volume
240 L
Max weeping width
1.8 m
0-16 km/h
Max. suction density
2.7 g/cm3
Sweeping capability
18000 ㎡/h
Min. turning radius
2.2 m
Clean water tank volume
140 L
Fuel tank volume
46 L
Oil consumption
2 L
23*8.5-12, 4 units
Hydraulic oil tank volume
35 L
Suction hose diameter mm
150 mm

The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice. 

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