CHR21QEVF Electric high pressure cleaning and disinfection machine


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CHR21QEVF is a full electric high pressure cleaning and disinfection machine, the standard model is equipped with the function of front high pressure washing,  and rear ozone water spray disinfection and sterilization. The machine has its own ozone generating device, do not need to buy additional disinfectant for precise ratio, that is, it can achieve high efficiency disinfection and sterilization at very low cost.

With short wheelbase, articulated & flexible steering and powerful power system, it can easily go up and down the kerb, which can realize the washing of the sidewalk, or the disinfection and sterilization for the spaces that cannot be entered by conventional vehicles, such as farmers' market on the back streets.

Rear mist spray and disinfection system

The rear mist spray and disinfection system is equipped with the ozone generating device, no need to buy & add chemical disinfectant to achieve efficient disinfection and sterilization operations.

CHR21QEVF use ionizing air method to generate ozone, and mix with water by patented special equipment outside the high pressure water pump, thus to avoid corrosion for the tank body and high pressure water pump equipment. Compared to spraying disinfectant methods, ozone water disinfection method is more thorough sterilization, more importantly, ozone will decomposed into oxygen in the air in about 30 minutes without any residual, will not cause secondary pollution in the disinfection of environment.

Front High pressure flush system

The front flush system of CHR21QEVF is installed in the front of the cab, so that the driver can clearly see the operation of the flushing device through the front windshield in the cab.

With the imported high-pressure water pump with the highest pressure of 17 Mpa, it can carry out high-pressure flushing and maintenance for walking path, asphalt pavement, pavement, etc. The controller can adjust the height and swing Angle of the front spray frame arbitrarily according to the road condition to ensure the operation effect.

Hand-held spray gun system

The hand-held spray gun system is combined with the coil. By changing the sprinkler head, you can switch many types of operation mode: such as pesticide spray to the roadside green plants, disinfection and sterilization to street parks, communities and the fitness equipment, wash down street adlets, etc.

Item Parameter Remarks
L×W×H(mm) 3480×1540×2050  
Tread front/rear(mm) 930/930  
Minimum ground clearance: 200 mm  
Minimum turning radius 2.6 m  
Curb weight (kg) 1350  
Max total mass (kg) 2240  
Water tank 900L  
Water tank material FRP  
Working speed 1~10km/h  
Highest speed 18km/h  
Rated crow 1 Person  
Gradeability 20%  
High pressure flush width 1700mm  
Disinfection range ≥11万m³ 5km/h
Cleaning duration ≥20min 6Mpa
Disinfection duration ≥70min 10Mpa
Hand spray gun duration ≥60min 10Mpa
Water pump highest pressure 17Mpa  
Drive mode 4X2 Rear Wheel Drive  
Brake mode Hydraulic four-wheel brake  
Transmission mode CVT  
Battery capacity 40.75kwh  
Steering mode Hydraulic articulated  
System voltage DC72V  
Control voltage DC12V  

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