Brief introduction of Street Washing Sweeper Truck
Street Washing Sweeper Truck is a new vehicle developed by our company. It perfectly integrates the sweeping function of traditional sweeper and the washing function of high pressure cleaning truck. The function of sweeping and washing can be used separately or together according to the practical need. It will clean the street without causing flying dust or leaving redundant water. It is efficient and energy-saving. It is suitable for cleaning and washing the urban street, square, house estate, etc.
The characteristic of the vehicle by compare with other similar products:
1. Reasonable Structure
This street sweeper and washer is designed with a reasonable structure with four brushes and the bracket of washing device in the middle, the suction port at the back of the vehicle. It also has a built-in high pressure nozzle. The four brushes are used to sweep the road while the bracket is used to support the washing device. The rear mounted single suction port has powerful suction capacity.
2. Power Function  
This vehicle has both the function of road sweeping and washing, thus can completely replace the road sweeper. With a large-volume water tank, it also has a longer working time.
3. humanized Design
The cleaning water tank and garbage bin are artfully connected to each other to make garbage easier. The garbage bin can dump garbage automatically. In the garbage bin, there is a high pressure washing pipe which can be used to wash the bin from different directions. The garbage bin can be lifted up or lowered down, which makes ti convenient to maintain the chassis and the auxiliary engine of our street sweeper and washer.
4. Unique Design
The engine is equipped with high quality clutch which helps achieve no-load starting of the auxiliary engine. Therefore, the starting current is decreased. It is helpful to extend the service life of the engine, the starter and the battery.
5. Intelligent Alarming System
An alarming device for low water level is assembled in the clean water tank while an alarming device for high water level is assembled in the garbage bin. Those alarming devices help protect the water pump and the blower of the street sweeping and washing equipment.
 6. Advanced Technology
With perfectly integrated technology of mechanics, electricity and hydraulics, it has flexible functions. The revolving speed of the brushed can be steplessly regulated while the brushes are working according to the condition of the road. This is the unique function we have developed for our vehicles. We are the first one in China to do so. Besides, the brushes can work separately or together according to practical needs.
 7. Easy Operation
With observing windows on the back door and the top of the garbage bin. The operators are able to know about the condition in the garbage bin without opening door. This is also a unique design created by our company.
8. Multidirectional Monitor
Equipped with a high definition color monitor in the cabin. It can help the operators to know the working condition on the all directions of the vehicle.
9. Separately Controlled High Pressure Water Pump
With an electromagnetic clutch, the water pump can be turned on or turned off flexibly to make the street sweeper and washer switch between the function of sweeping and washing. 

Chassis configurations
Dongfeng (optional: SINOTRUK HOWO )
With A/C, standard equipment
Rated power
155kw, 2400r/min
5000 mm
Front/Rear suspension
1430/2275 mm
Max. Gross weight
16000 kg
Curb wright
11000 kg
Performance configurations
Clean water tank volume
9000 L
Garbage tank volume
7 m³
Water tank material
High quality stainless steel
Alarming device
Alarming devices for high water level
Sweeping width
3 m
Washing width
3.3 m
Operating speed
3-20 km/h
Garbage dump angle
Max. Running speed
90 km/h
Hydraulic system pressure
Max suction fineness diameter
100 mm
High pressure washing sewage percent recovery
Low pressure washing discharge
60 m³/h
Max. Low pressure sprinkling width
24 m
High pressure water pump system
Water pump model
NP25/70-100 (Germany-made)
Working speed
3-15 km/h
Washing width
152 L/min
Auxiliary engine
Rated power
77kw, 2800r/min

1. Garbage tank volume is optional: 5m³, 6.5m³, 8m³
2. The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice. 

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