Brief introduction of Road Sweeper Truck
New type sweep tool with ISUZU truck chassis according to the different road conditions. Generally approved, the four brush discs and the postpositive suction port are designed on this vehicle. All the brush discs can function automatically in preventing collision. The efficient aspiration system is also low-noised, and all the hydraulic pressed elements come from Europe and America. All these make the full vehicle perform more stable and more reliable.
The characteristic of the vehicle by compare with other similar products:
1. The chassis from ISUZU is attained Euro 鈪 discharge standard, the chassis has environmental protection performance with Euro 鈪 discharge standard from ISUZU, the power is more powerful , and the performance of chassis is more superior.
2. Independent development self-power type centrifugal clutch: The truck installed the independent development self-power type centrifugal clutch to realize engine no-load start. The centrifugal clutch had acquired The National Patent, it has the advantages of joint more smoothly, more hard to slide, few wear and more longer service life by compare with other centrifugal clutch.
3. The hydraulic block is thread cartridge valve from HF (HYDRAFOCE) Company in US. The valve is made from HF Company. The thread cartridge is optimized valve for vehicles in European and American area, it has advantage with compact structure, light weight,powerful power, high reliability, easy to maintain and so on. There is a sweeper electric-hydraulic proportional velocity regulating valve in the valve bank; it makes the rotate speed of sweepers’ stepless regulation by adjusting electronic control rotary knobs.
4. The sweeper driving motor has adopt high-quality and high-efficient cycloid motor, all sweeper driving motor are cycloid motor, it has the advantage of high transmission efficiency and long service life.
5. All the hydraulic pipeline joints were shape up by pipe end made-up machine at one time: no welding spot steel tube, and using the tailor-made sear rings make the whole hydraulic pipeline has the advantage of resistance to pull out and no leakage.
6. The electronic control system has adopted SCM automatic control. Easy and simple to operate, a few control switch, high level of intelligent, low failure rate.
7. There is a large-area filter screen set on the top of garbage bin, increase dust fall effect, make the garbage uniform accumulation, increase available capacity, decrease air friction from flighty object blocking filter screen.
8. The dumping angle of garbage bin can reach up to 60°; it’s convenient to dump the garbage. The water tank is on the bottom of garbage bin, it makes baseboard of garbage bin has a 12° incline and makes dump more clean and thorough.
9. The garbage bin and water tank were made with stainless steel material, and the valve of water tank is 1100L. The main part of garbage bin and water tank is adopting stainless steel material to avoid early damage because of the corrosion, lengthen the working life of whole truck.
10. High-quality and high-efficient vortex water pump give a security for cleaning and falling dust: Effective of spray dust is the necessary condition of street sweeping, the truck has flow nozzle to fall the dust when its working in the dustiness area.
11. The cleaning device automatic reset function: when the sweeper encounters the block, it will rebound the blocks by itself, this function has worked out the problem of cleaning device is easy to be broken by collisions.
12. The specially designed high efficiency, low noise special suction blower: This blower has the advantage of powerful suction capacity and wear-resisting.
13. Two brush dishes can work ganged or independent: When it’s working, the operator can control the brush dishes by left working or right working or working together. When the left or right brush dishes work independent, its decrease the breadth of truck, increase the security of working and driving.
14. Adopt unique handlance emergency lifting system, when the auxiliary engine is break down, and the auxiliary can’t start, it can rise up the tank, in order the serviceman to recondition.
15. Equipped advanced sweeping television surveillance equipment: The two sides and stern of the truck has equipped the observation probes, they provide the image of cleaning condition and stern of the truck to the operator.
16. The advanced air filtration system, it can increase the service life of engine: The stand or fall of engine air filtration system is direct influence the service life of engine. The vehicle has adopt the double-deck filter element air cleaner and centrifugal pre-filter to maximum increase air inflow’s quality of engine. The catch tank filtrate the wee dust to decrease dust content in airflow.
17. There is oil cooler in the truck; it can make the truck work as usual in the summer. The truck has changed the water circulation cooler to wind cooler, which is cooling the hydraulic oil by using circulation airflow.
18. The truck’s suction port adopt the full floating connect structure. When the truck is cleaning work, the suction port will adjust the position by itself to keep the space with roadbed invariably.
19. The vehicle can assemble a 2.2meters snow shovel.

Chassis configurations
ISUZU (optional: JMC, Dongfeng )
With A/C, standard equipment
Rated power
96kw, 3400r/min
Max. Torque
280Nm, 1700r/min
3815 mm
Front/Rear suspension
1015/1465 mm
Max. Gross weight
7300 kg
Curb wright
5030 kg
Performance configurations
Clean water tank volume
4.5 m³
Dirty water tank volume
2.5 m³
Water tank material
High quality stainless steel
Garbage tank volume
5.0 m³
Alarming device
Alarming devices for high water level
Sweeping width
3 m
Washing width
3.3 m
Operating speed
3-20 km/h
Garbage dump angle
Max. Running speed
100 km/h
Hydraulic system pressure
Garbage and dirty water suction system
High pressure blower model: 9-26N06.3C;
Operating rotate speed: 2800 r/min
High pressure water pump system
Water pump model
NP25/70-100 (Germany-made)
70 L/min
Uninterrupted operating time with the water tank full
Auxiliary engine
JMC 4-cylinder JX493G3
Rated power
57kw, 3600r/min

1. Garbage tank volume is optional: 5m³, 6.5m³, 8m³
2. The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice. 

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