Brief introduction of High Pressure Cleaning Truck
High Pressure Cleaning Truck is new product with the world's advanced technology level synchronization and developed according to the demand of market. It has excellent performance and multiple functions, drives the high pressure water pump to spray water by using the auxiliary engine, and drives the low pressure water using by PTO of chassis. It has two independent water system for high pressure and low pressure, convenient to use .
This type of high-pressure cleaning truck is refitted from DONGFENG TIANJIN new second class chassis with Cummins ISDE180-40 engine, it accord with Euro-4 emission standard (optional: Euro-3). And the auxiliary engine is JMC engine. All main components implement are global purchasing; the high pressure pump purchases form international famous brand in Italy, nozzle in Japan and import important electrical apparatus, high performance and reliable functions.
Working theory: Using high pressure pump to generate high pressure water, spraying from the specialized nozzles, take full advantage the kinetic energy of high pressure water, according high pressure銆乴ow discharge cleaning methods to clean stain on the roads, powerful cleaning capacity, high efficient water-saving, water consumption is around 30% of common cleaning vehicles. Low pressure water sprinkler system is made of FL purling, FR purling, ML purling, MR purling, Rear-Above spray-gun, RL purling and RR purling. It can spray the pavement and irrigate green belt at same time, and the RA spray-gun is able to use in emergent fire-fighting.
The characteristic of the vehicle by compare with other similar products:
1.It has two independent systems: high pressure system and low pressure system. The auxiliary engine driven high pressure water pump and hydraulic pump, the speed of high pressure washing can be controlled in cab, and drives the low pressure water using by PTO of chassis;
2.The high pressure water pump get through the speed sensor, to realize automatic alarm protect the water pump from over speed.
3.There is a low water level alarm system in the water tank, when there is no water, the alarm will caution the operator to prevent water pump breakdown.
4.Centralized control the electric, liquid and gas, the truck has well man-machine operation interface, flexible to operation. Operator can control all actions in cab, which have air condition inside. It relieves the labor intensity of operator, and it makes work more safe and comfortable.
5.Special designed of high pressure water control equipment, can protect the high pressure pump effectively, when high pressure water pump is working and the work water valve is closing, unloading valve of water pump will open by itself.
6.It use the high pressure pump purchases form international famous brand in Italy, high effluent pressure, reliable performance, long service life. It can make certain the cleaning effect. Whole set input nozzles, path line of spray water is constant, no scattering, low pressure loss; nozzle won’t rusting, long service life; adopt far range stainless steel squirt gun, neoteric construction, flexible operation.
7.The interior material of tank adopt rust prevention, has the advantage of overlong working life.
8.The truck adopted modular assembly design, a truck serves several purposes, it can realizable multiply cleanout functions and other subsidiary working functions:
1) The cleanout wide of water spray frame is 2.5 to 3.5 meters, can be at well controlled. When the stretch frame is shrinking, it achievable double flow intensify cleanout. It’s suit to clean urban roads and squares.
2) Lift side and right side spraying is suit to clean the curb 銆乬uardrail isolation belt and sidewalk.
3) High pressure squirt gun cleanout.
4) Two top and bottom spraying systems, it can spraying to reduce the dust銆乤djust the air humidity and spray air disinfectant.
5) Low pressures sprays and spray cooling.
6) It has self-priming function, it inhale water inside into the tank by using the water pump in the truck.
7)There is a working caution label on the back of the truck.
8)Users can according to working condition to choose fitting pipe dredging device and guardrail cleaning device, realize multiply functions on one truck.

Brand and model
Dimension(L*W*H) (mm)
Chassis model
Engine model
Engine power. (Kw/r/min)
Auxiliary engine model.
Auxiliary engine power. (Kw/r/min)
Cab configures
Cool and warm air-conditioner
Max speed. (Km/h)
Full load fuel consumption. (L/100-Kms)
High Pressure cleaning
Cleaning speed. (Km/h)
Cleaning width. (m)
Cleaning flow capacity. (L/min)
Cleaning angle. (°)
30° to left and to right
Forward nozzles’ pressure. (MPa)
Watering width. (m)
Watering speed. (Km/h)
Water flow capacity. (L/min)
Spraying gun gunshot. (m)
Water tank volume. (L)
Rated load weight. (Kg)
Max Total weight. (Kg)

The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice.

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