Brief introduction of Guardrail Cleaning Truck
Guardrail cleaning truck is guardrail equipment that is developed independently according to market demand, it has superior performance, technology leadership, the main outsourcing parts are world famous brand products, quality and stability, and one set of multi-function, not only clean road guardrail, but also could clean urban sculpture traffic signs, traffic signs, billboards, etc.
Guardrail cleaning operational principle: First, use high-pressure water to wash the road guardrail, then, sandwiched four vertical rotating brush fence, guardrail full range of scrub, finally, use high-pressure water to wash the road guardrail again. Thus, to ensure all-round guardrail scrub. When cleaning urban sculpture traffic signs, traffic signs, billboards, etc., using a high pressure spray gun.
This vehicle adopts electrical and hydraulic operation control, the driver can be provided through the cab air conditioner operation switch knob, instrument monitoring, video surveillance performed guardrail cleaning operations and road rinsing operation.
The characteristic of the vehicle by compare with other similar products:
1.       High pressure water pumps through water line warning device processing no-water warning protection automatically.
2.       Water tank body made by stainless steel, and through antiseptic treatment.
3.       High-pressure valve adopts electric control, which operate in cabin.
4.       The rear of vehicle is equipped with arrow type warning lights.
5.       The vehicle is equipped with video surveillance devices, can watch operation situation in the cabin.

Operation performance
Cleaning thickness
0-200 mm
Cleaning height
200-1350 mm
Cleaning speed
3-5 Km/h
Cleaning efficiency
High-pressure water pressure
High-pressure discharge
70 L/min
Operation time
8-10 H
Water tank volume
4800 L
Driving performance
Max. Speed (fully loaded)
100 Km/h
Max. Climbing
Stopping distance (fully loaded: 30km/h)
≤10 m
Min. Turning diameter
13.6 m
Fuel consumption
Driving fuel consumption
12 L/100km
Operation fuel consumption
(average cleaning speed:3km/h)
10 L/h
Quality parameters
Rated load weight
5125 kg
Max Total weight
7300 kg
Overall dimension(L*W*H)
5815*2250*2560 mm
3360 mm

The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice.

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