Brief introduction of Food Waste Collection Truck
Featuring high capacity, environmental protection, high efficiency and high automation, this vehicle is widely use by hotel, restaurant, residential, community and hospital for concentrative collection and transportation of food garbage, mud, etc.
The characteristic of the vehicle:
1.Intelligent loading and unloading. While loading food waste, the lifting device of the food waste collection truck will start working only when the cap of the waste inlet opened and pushed plate returns to the present position. Similarly, during waste discharging, the oil cylinder will open the rear door when the door is unlocked. On the contrary, the oil cylinder will lock the door when the rear door is closed.
2.Separation of solid waste and liquid waste. During the press of collecting food waste, the primary separation of solid waste and liquid waste is going on synchronously, which saves much time for waste plant. So the production efficiency is improved accordingly.
3. Optional heating device (National patent). This device can be used to heat lower compartment to realize the convenient collection and discharge of waste in winter. The heating device of the food waste collection truck is independent from engine. Therefore, even engine is not started, the device can also provide heating for the compartment.
4.Direct connection with waste process equipment (National patent). Generally, the food waste is discharge directly from the rear door. To reduce the air pollution, we invited the waste transportation device for the refuse collection vehicle. This device, which is optional, can be connected to the waste process equipment directly for waste discharging. Customers may select the product according to their actual demand.
5.High quality waste container. We can offer the product equipped with stainless steel waste container that is corrosion resistant are also available from us.
6.Lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism can be used to list the standard garbage box of 120L and 240L. With safe locking mechanism, waste in the garbage box can be fully poured into the waste container without any spill. The lifting device can automatically adjust the operating speed to avoid the splashing of waste.
7.Push plate. There is a push plate installed inside the waste container. The push plate is controlled by telescopic cylinder of the food waste collection truck. The sealing strip around the push plate is conductive to complete discharging and moderate compressing of waste. So the maximum loading of the food waste is realized. Additionally, the primary separation of solid waste and liquid waste can be conducted at the same time. The liquid waste will enter the lower compartment of the container after being filtered.
8.Timely washing. To keep the cleanness of the food waste collection truck, the vehicle is coming along with a stainless steel clear water tank and a high-pressure water pump. Therefore, the cleaning of the waste wagon can be conducted when the unloading of food waste is finished. Moreover, there is an optional high-pressure cleaning device designed for the sewage tank. Greasy can be washed off with the high-pressure spray head.

Volume of waste container (CBM)
3.5, 6, 8
Volume of clear water tank (L)
170, 180, 220
Volume of sewage tank (L)
330, 480, 660
Cycling time for loading time (S)
40, 40, 50
Cycling time for discharging time (S)
45, 60, 60

The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice. 

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