Outstanding Features:
   1. This garbage collection truck is designed with straight-arm hooklift with the lifting capacity of 8t. The load is evenly distributed to the rear axle of the hooklift truck. So the weight distributed to the frame is reduced to a large extent. With a locking mechanism, actions of the hooklift are reliable and safe.
   2. The control components of the hydraulic system are first-class products imported from well-known companies all over the world, like the multiple directional control valves from Italian VPS Company, balance valves from Oil Control Company in Italy and the high pressure pipe joints from American Parker Company.
   3. The electric control system of our hooklift truck is composed of imported electric components. This system has the function of controlling and alarming. When dumping the garbage, the position switch will be turned off to cut off the circuit of the solenoid valve which controls the lock box. Since the box is locked, the operation safety is guaranteed. There are indicating lights provide with this vehicle to guide the worker to operate hydraulic system correctly.
   4. The garbage bin can be easily locked to this special vehicle to guarantee safe and reliable garbage transportation.

Lifting capacity
System pressure
Dead weight of hook lift
Control voltage
Height of hook center
Oil pump displacement
Hydraulic oil tank volume
Time of lifting container

The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice.

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