Outstanding Features:
   1. This product has a unique retractable hooklift device which can evenly distribute the load to the rear axle and the auxiliary supporting device. Thus it largely helps reduce the force borne by the vehicle frame when lifting or discharging garbage bin or other bins. With a locking mechanism, the hooklift, which is made of high strength steel plates with the yield strength of 560N/mm² and is weld with gas shielded welding method, can work safely. The high quality hooklift helps guarantee the durability of the whole hooklift truck.
   2. The main hydraulic control components are imported from well-known companies in different countries. The multiple directional control valve imported from Italia VPS Company enables the hydraulic oil cylinder to stay at any position. The balance valve imported from Italian Oil Control Company makes sure the hydraulic oil cylinders work stably with constant pressure. The joints of the high pressure pipes produced by American Parker Company are superior in sealing property and can bear higher pressure.
   3. Composed of imported electric components, the electric control system of our hooklift truck has the function of controlling and alarming. With the interlocking device, the position switch will be switched off to cut off the circuit of the solenoid valve which controls the lock box when dumping the garbage. Since the lock box can not be opened, the operation safety is hereby guaranteed. Moreover, indicating lights will offer guidance to the operator to avoid the incorrect operation of hydraulic system.
   4. When lifting or discharging garbage bin, the rear supporting device driven by hydraulic power will put down the cylinder support to assist the operation.
   5. This garbage collection equipment has a power takeoff device which can transmit the power generated by engine to the plunger pump to supply power for hydraulic oil cylinders.

Lifting capacity
System pressure
Dead weight of hook lift
Discharging angle
Telescopic distance of hook arm
Oil pump displacement
Hydraulic oil tank volume
Time of lifting container

The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice.

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